Covid-19: PMB As The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1) By Philip Agbese

Nostradamus is famed globally as a man who saw tomorrow. He was a great seer, whom God endowed with unbeatable clairvoyance. He could predict the future events with amazing precision. He was venerated world-wide because his prophetic prowess and projections hardly missed the targets.

President Muhammadu Buhari can be likened to the great Nostradamus. He is imbued with such telepathy. He met Nigeria in a terrible shape. It was a country wholly dependent on other nations for survival. Buhari perceptively saw tomorrow. He had a sound vision about tomorrow and the future, which told him repositioning Nigeria on the path of self-reliance was the only worthwhile step of redemption of the country.
As democratic President of the country, he knew salvaging actions towards self-reliance were necessary to fortify the future. Thus, his administration initiated policies and programmes that would pull back Nigeria from the claws of dependence to self-sufficiency.
The Buhari Presidency preached, initiated and implemented policies on diversification of the economy. He knew a mono-economy as operated by Nigeria which depended solely on crude oil proceeds for national revenues was preposterous in the event of a global crisis. In the last few years, his administration has pumped trillions of naira to boost agricultural production, promote small scale enterprises and the manufacturing sector.
God Himself, through His divine knowledge and wisdom, gave President Buhari the foresight of what was to come in the nearest future. And the President’s actions were tailored in the direction of boosting domestic food production, achieving food security and scaling up activities in the manufacturing sector. And just in four years, Nigeria has pleasantly achieved self-sufficiency in food production & many essential products for her 200 million people!
With Covid-19 gradually simmering into the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and government’s proactive steps to halt the spread of the disease, a total lockdown of the country has been ordered. The importance of the creation of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has once again come to the fore.
Through the effective coordination and supervision of agencies under the Ministry, the Minister is providing palliatives to vulnerable Nigerians to save lives and alleviate the suffering of people locked down in their homes as a result of Covid-19 epidemic.

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